I'm Linda, a child of the sixties, living in Charlotte, NC, helping to raise my grandchild of the (what do you call a child of 2012?). Whatever it's called, I quit my job and moved 300 miles to do it. I'm building my Zibbet shop towards mostly vintage clothing. Now, instead of worrying over traffic, state politics, spreadsheets, audits and bomb threats, my days are filled with wagon rides, Yo Gabba Gabba dances, and water tables, yeah, the plastic kind. I've always wanted a vintage store and ZIBBET is allowing me to pursue that. My spare time is spent researching things like what that little LOT tag in a piece of clothing means, what year DACRON was introduced, and when the ACWA broke from the UGW. A great benefit is that I get to dress the baby vintage once in a while!

Thanks for visiting HOOPTIES and I hope you find something you love! I wish much success to everyone for 2015!


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Here is my feature on Zibbet's blog in April of 2014. http://blog.zibbet.com/2014/04/featured-zibbeter-hoopties/

Vintage Fashions and Collectibles from the 20th Century