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Hoopties stocks vintage clothing, accessories and collectibles mostly from 1940's to 1980's. Some older. I love vintage. I love seeking it out, researching it and sharing it with others. I keep an eye out for various sizes and prices so that everyone has opportunity to own a great vintage item. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Thanks, Linda

Shipping details

Shipping is done mostly through USPS and done within 5 days. I Ship worldwide. Costs vary greatly and my shipping estimates are intended to cover the most expensive destinations. If the estimate is more than $2 higher than the actual shipping cost, I will happily refund that overage to your Paypal account. I have been more than $10 over before, usually on international costs, and always refund the overage! I may require delivery confirmation and will let you know. I photograph items as they are being packed; If something arrives to you broken, pictures of the package AND the broken item will be required so that I can make a legitimate claim with the PO.

International orders will only be tracked until they reach your country's customs department. I cannot predict or control custom duties or taxes so any such fees imposed by your country will be your responsibility.

I often use recycled shipping materials but only if they are clean, sturdy and appropriate for the purchased item. Clothing items will be in plastic as to avoid moisture and odors which they could be exposed to while in shipping vehicles.

Refunds, returns & exchanges

Hoopties values you as a customer. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have when considering a purchase. Vintage items are like one-of-a-kind items. Other than a hand-wash, machine wash, or a basic dry-cleaning, vintage items are sold in as-found condition and, in general, sales are final. I will honestly disclose every obvious flaw or condition factor I can. I am told that I usually under-rate the condition of my items. And I will continue to do so. Measurements of vintage garments are taken with garments lying flat, if at all possible. The buyer is responsible for determining proper fit before purchasing from me; this is best done by comparing to a similar or well-fitting garment already owned. My vintage clothing items are stored with use of lavender and cedar oils to prevent any moth damage and odor. These materials have a light and pleasant odor which airs out quickly but you may detect it upon arrival of your item. It is not the old mothball odor!

Vintage items are pre-owned and while quality is very often superior to modern clothing, they can have imperfections or issues. Anything noticeable, will be revealed in the listing. Sometimes vintage items are just like new, but keep in mind that the fibers, thread and notions are still 30, 40, 50 or more years old. Vintage materials sometimes have their own odor, which is not always a flaw, but just a fact. I have a 1950's bathing suit that is 7% rubber. Nothing is going to stop it from reminding me of the inner tubes we used to take down the river. It's just a fact. I can detect 1950s nylon a clothes rack away just by the smell of it. It's a fact. Returns of vintage items will not be accepted because of issues are clearly disclosed in the item listing or in pre-purchase conversations. Again, please ask me any questions before purchase. Your questions will only help me with future listings and I really do want both of us to be happy with your purchase!

Additional information

PAYMENT OPTIONS: If you do not have a Paypal account and do not wish to open one, you can still purchase an item with a credit/debit card by using Paypal's "GUEST" checkout. You will be asked to open an account but look over the page carefully to find where you can opt not to. Zibbet's website will be upgrading in mid-2014 to allow a smoother checkout and other great new features!

I also accept UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE Money Orders. Your order may be delayed a day or two if you are paying by this method to allow payment to clear. Other money orders that are not USPS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

Please don't hesitate to send me a message with any questions you may have about an item in my shop, measurements, shipping, or anything else. I am happy to answer anything I can and I appreciate your business.

Vintage Fashions and Collectibles from the 20th Century